Roadside Scenes I

Roadside Scenes – a metaphorical title associated primarily with observation during a journey. Observation, on the other hand, is irrevocably an element of photography. Five travelers – wanderers, going on a journey into the unknown. Looking around, they register everything that seems interesting to them. Landscapes, people, situations. The peculiar innocence of registration has its great advantages. Its feature is the purity of the photographic image. The presence of all manifestations of life and nature can be proof of a comprehensive understanding of reality. After all, in our lives people, things and events are often mixed together. We are not always able to and, what is more important, we do not always want to sublimate particular areas that emotionally combine for us into a whole, sometimes in a completely surprising way. And that is why we should treat this way of perceiving the chaos of the world with complete understanding, because it is identical with the temperament of people starting their photographic journey, which, I have no doubt, will lead them through the most fascinating nooks and crannies of the world of photography.
Wojciech Zawadzki

Styczeń 2001, Galeria ARP, Krasiczyn

Maj 2001, Mała Galeria GTF, Gorzów Wlkp.