Shangri La

In defining the modern metropolis known as the Shangri-La, Marcin Andrzejewski provokes. Encouraged to reject the mundane meanings, which filled in the daily hustle and bustle of the concrete beast. Shangri-La is the world of literary non-existent. “The land of the harmony and wisdom” which is so urgently needed. If the art would mean nothing but emotional triggers, the land of imagination, the agreement will remain an intimate space with the viewer. We understand it, each individual, the ability to experience life, but the overriding feature is that the boundaries of the land rover in excess of Shangri-La, was banned from leaving. This is the provocation – the superiority of the image over literature, as well as the ephemeral life. Who will feel the taste of photography, to leave this magical land will not have the slightest need.
Cezary Tymczuk